Tips for Your Green Iguana Cage

If you own an iguana, keeping your reptile safe and protected is a full-time job, but one that you must work diligently to maintain. You will be glad to know that keeping your iguana happy isn’t hard, especially if you use the following information.

First, choose the green iguana cage that you use for your pet reptile carefully. Many brands and models of cages are sold, and each has its own characteristics and features that make it unique. Do a bit of research, and you’ll find an awesome cage that surpasses your expectations.

Most reptile owners choose a large sized cage since it gives the reptile more freedom to roam around. It feels more comfortable for the reptile, and more like home when they have room. If your reptile is going to grow, keep this in mind when selecting the cage.

green iguana cage

Do not put two iguanas in a cage together. Although this sometimes works out good for each of the reptiles, in most cases it is a bad idea since the iguana is very territorial and likes to have and utilize his own space, at his own time.  A 20-gallon or larger tank is recommended for maximum comfort for the reptile.

Clean the cage daily, removing any uneaten food or feces from the cage. Cleaning and disinfecting the cage is important and this daily cleaning is the best way to prevent odors. A deep cleaning once per week is also beneficial since it further removes the odors and keeps your reptile happy.

Finally, make sure that you use separate light and temperature settings. The reptile likes being in a warm environment, but too much heat could be detrimental to the creature. An auto-switch heating system is a good purchase that many reptile owners choose to make.